The Mothership Maintenance Log #146

The raspy sounds (both from the transmission and AC) die down a bit during above freezing temperatures.

I got tired of really poor FM radio signal around town, so I bought a new head unit with HD Radio for The Mothership.

Installing it was a breeze. First step: butcher the old wiring harness.

Cut all the wires to the same length.

Add heatshrink

Strip ends:


And Done!

My initial impression of this unit is that it’s chintzy garbage. Just about every aspect of the old unit (wire gauge, buttons, click wheel, removing the faceplate, etc) feels really high quality compared to this new unit.

In fact, I was prepared to uninstall it and go back… All the way up until I turned it on and started listening. The sound quality isn’t audiophile or anything, but it’s leagues ahead of my old radio! So I guess I’ll put up with the drawbacks, because I think I could get used to listening to this thing :thumbs up