The Mothership Maintenance Log #162

Swapped the transmission today. Original transmission out of the bay:

So the original MT has been excellent and I’m still very grateful that the rebuild went over so well, but after a year of driving I want to crack it open again and see if I can make shifting smoother (like it was before the rebuild) and maybe crisper (like other Honda’s I’ve driven). So I rebuilt the temporary MT with some eBay parts and got it ready to be used again.

The first transmission swap took a crazy 3 day weekend. The second one (at the end of the rebuild last year) took a weekend. This one just now took 6 hours :thumbs up It’s a lot easier when you know what you’re doing!

The temporary MT is a lot better than it was last year. The rebuild got rid of all the shrieking bearing noise, and shifting is a lot better, though 3rd gear grinds now. but it’s filled with 10W-30 engine oil, so that’s probably not helping.

Post op note: Check the alignment dowels before trying to install a transmission. We struggled to get the temp one lined up for a while before realizing that one of the holes had a dowel on the engine side and transmission side :slap:

And an update on the clear coat degradation, it’s getting worse on the passenger fender:

I may try cutting it out and spraying on a new layer, like I did with the door. Not sure yet.