The Mothership Maintenance Log #167

I’ve been debating where to put this post for a bit now. Finally settled on this thread because it was a trip with the Mothership, not my Magna.

Last weekend I went to TriFest 2018 — the first Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club rally at “Two Wheels of Suches” in Georgia. I’ve never been to TWoS, but wanted to go check it out after listening to some members in my local riding group. So when I heard TriFest was happening there it seemed like a good opportunity to visit. It was a 4 hour drive to get there, so I opted to leave my bike behind and drive my car just to check things out.

As I approached the lodge, the last twenty miles of road turned into a roller coaster of twisties that I had enough fun navigating just with the car. I’m pretty sure I need some more riding experience before tackling the area with a motorcycle.

Eventually I reached the lodge, and found a busy scene of bikes arriving and departing.

As the afternoon wound down, Sean and the Triumph Owners club set up a couple grills and a raffle table.

People brought their bikes down from the parking lot and set them up by the campfire before gathering ’round for Sean to address the club.

Even though I didn’t bring a bike with me I’m totally in love the with the place, and it made for an excellent weekend camping trip.

As I left this morning I came across three Corvettes with hazards on by the side of the road, with one person standing and staring down an embankment on a sharp 90 degree turn. I parked and walked back to see what was the fuss, and found an S2000 lying about 30 feet off the road. It was destroyed, with both the front and rear smashed in, and it was back behind some trees that it shouldn’t have been able to fit past. Just as I got there the driver was being helped up to the road. He looked a little banged up, but otherwise OK, so after checking that his friends who stopped had things under control I went on my way. The rest of the drive home was uneventful.