The Mothership Maintenance Log #168

Next weekend I’m going to visit Atlanta. It’s no bigger of a trip than the jaunt over to Two Wheels of Suches, but I’m challenging myself to do any lingering maintenance on The Mothership in the next week.

So far my list is:
* Fix clutch pedal squeak (Like, top priority)
* Change engine oil (it’s time)
* Fix brake pulsing (more on that below)
* Rebuild and reinstall original transmission (hoo boy)

So the brakes pulse. I hate it, because only a few months ago I replaced everything: drums, shoes, rotors, pads. So I must have done something wrong or was missing some alignment tool because they pulsed from day 1, though I only really notice it when slowing down from highway speeds. Today I dropped the car off at an auto shop that’s conveniently across the street from my office. They called back in the afternoon and told me that my only option was just replacing the brakes :-/ I opted not to do that. I’m frustrated that it looks like I just have to live with this not-good braking.

Also, if I’m going to make moves on that transmission swap at all, then the swap has to happen Sunday. And the Hondabond that seals the case needs 24 hours to set… So I need to do the rebuild… Today. Yup, I’m doing the rebuild today. Wish me luck :lol: