The Mothership Maintenance Log #169

The transmission rebuild is done. Took just over 24 hours. But as I was moving the civic into the tent, I hurt my back :cussing:so no transmission swap is happening today :whiner: I’ll stick with the temporary one through the Atlanta trip.

Once again I failed to check tolerances and limits. I didn’t do that the first time either; I think it’s because I don’t really understand if I’m making the measurement correctly, and if the tolerance is out of spec I don’t really know what I’d do about it :lol:

Notes from the rebuild:
  • 30mm socket for countershaft nut.
  • Countershaft nut *has* to be replaced next time.
  • There was yellow-black grime on the inside of the case, and maybe a couple mg’s of metal filings stuck to the magnet.
  • I didn’t clean anything, except to wipe down where needed.
  • Having a hydraulic press was awesome
  • Having my own bench vice and impact driver was awesome
  • I put way too much hondabond on the case last time. This time I tried to use a little less.
  • The carbon-synchrotech synchros looked great. Just a little worn, nicely broken in. No chunks missing.
On a few of the gears I oiled both the old and replacement synchros, and then manually spun them on the gear with my hands. I couldn’t tell a big difference — which I’ll take as a good thing — but the carbon synchros did seem to brake the gear pretty evenly as I pressed harder, whereas the OEM synchros would eventually bite down and pretty much stop the gear. I’m hoping that that is the difference which caused the “clunking” feel while shifting which drove me to this second rebuild. In any case, I’m hoping that it hasn’t been so long since I last drove this transmission that I don’t recognize any change :lol:

Ok, at this point you know the drill: pop the thing open, kick off the old synchros, slap on the new ones, slam it all back together.

Get a clean work area:

Start making it a dirty work area:

Get a nutcracker and split the case open:

Make it a really messy work area:

Yadda yadda yadda

I was doing this part blindfolded:

Aaaand, done!