The Mothership Maintenance Log #178

Now that my morning commute is longer, I’m ready to have all the speakers working. I went out with the intention of just drawing a wire from the back of the radio, out the side of the dash, across the doorjam, and into the side of the door trim. Ugly and “bad” but fast.

… Three hours later I had the fender off and was removing the pins from the door connector. Half the wires just fell out of the connector when I moved it, so I removed all of the pins and want to replace them… But can’t find anything online. The connector is a square thing, does anyone know where to find it?

Edit: Found that I’m working with connector C556 from the service manual:


Edit: Found some more resources:

List of possible pin part numbers:

Color coded pinout for CRV, has wire gauges, so I can infer I have 16 and 22 AWG.

Edit: OK, my roommate took a look at the pin and said “Oh, that’s a Denso pin” and showed me one of his from a generic car-electrical-connector kit that looks preeeety close to mine.