The Mothership Maintenance Log #180

Man, this stuff is enough to drive a body mad.

I’m putting some pieces together. Went back out to my collection of pins and found that there are three variants:

‘L’ ‘M’ and ‘S’ stamped on the back of the pins.

The differences are subtle, mostly around the wire-crimping wings. I think if I can buy one type it’ll do for all three though.

From the “Connectors Pins/Terminals” post linked above I started searching around for “07JAZ-001330A” as it was listed as “verified” by the post author. I eventually found this page, which when translated pretty clearly spells out that as one of the three pins I’m looking for!

I also found this forum thread where someone is selling OEM pins, and the pictures from the first post go over a lot of the part numbers! I’m going to try preserving the images here, just in case.




Uhoh :???: That second picture has 07JAZ-001330A at the top right corner, and it doesn’t look the same.

Another source that shows the right pin:

If I can hunt down whether the size variants are available at all or not, I’ll go ahead and make a purchase.