The Mothership Maintenance Log #195

The passenger window has been making an awful racket when lowered recently. I figured the mounts for it must be loose, so I took the door trim off and investigated. As far as I can tell, the bolts are all tight.. The slop is in the motor assembly now. I guess it’s time for a replacement.

I didn’t want to end on a low note like that, so I continued on and looked at the windshield wipers. @SeanShine has a great writeup on his build thread, but it covers failures in the driver switch assembly, and I’m pretty sure that part is OK on my car. I took the motor assembly off and then apart. Inside I found two contact switches, one of which had developed a fracture and no longer opened. I took it off, cleaned the contacts with sandpaper, and then soldered the piece of metal back. I sealed the whole thing up with a smidge of RTV to make sure it’s watertight again. I put the assembly back on the car (sans wipers) and it appears to work properly now! I’m hoping to paint the wiper arms before re-installing them.

I know it won’t last as long now that there’s solder stiffening that joint, but I am interested to see how much more usable life I get out of it.