The Mothership Maintenance Log #200

Johnp410 said: Man small things make the biggest difference. Lol

The whole accelerator cable thing has got me thinking: I wish I could drive a snapshot of this car as it was new back in 1998. Then I could clearly see just how it’s changed over the past two decades.

Last night a friend helped me get the replacement passenger window motor installed. The original assembly’s central axis pivot was damaged and loose, which was causing the crazy rattling. I’m not sure when that happened but it must have been something like a person leaning on the halfway-lowered window.

I didn’t have a great time replacing the driver side window motor way back in 2013. So it wasn’t very surprising when the passenger motor assembly arrived damaged and I had to nearly break my wrist pulling on the lower sled to free the little plastic sliders that were jammed. Oh well. In any event the passenger side window now lowers without sounding like it’s about to break :thumbs up