The Mothership Maintenance Log #205

My hero friend showed up last night with a welder and set to work tacking a new nut onto the bolt so that we could get it out of there.

And the nut just broke right off. So we tried a few more times and the nut kept just breaking free from the bolt. Eventually I decided to give up on trying to save the old shocks, and set to cutting the shock mount off with a dremel while my friend used his impact wrench on the other side’s bolt.

… And then that side’s bolt broke too. And the dremel cutting disk wore out before I got the shock free.

I wound up just unbolting the entire lower control arms and pulling them both out.



Now that the car is really out of commission for a bit, I want to go through and replace the rear bushings… But I can’t find them! All I see online are Rear Trailing Arm bushings, nothing for the lower/upper control arms :???: