The Mothership Maintenance Log #209

A friend had some bad grinding coming from the brakes, and I decided it would be a nice Christmas gift to drive to Atlanta and install new pads. That put some pressure on me to wrap up the driver side suspension! I got it finished before noon on Saturday (same stuff as the passenger side above, no pictures though!) and then spent the entire afternoon looking for a shop that would do an alignment. Finally, hours later, a tire place in the neighboring city took my car in. They did an awesome job, got the car back to me in record time, and I was off to Atlanta! (hoping the whole way that I’d sufficiently tightened the suspension bolts, since I didn’t torque to spec :shock: )

New pads and rotors on the friend’s car!

Of course it rained the whole day I was working on those brakes.. And they live in an apartment complex with no garages :rolf: I did find an awning to work under though.

After a test drive we took my car to get dinner, and the friend exclaimed “Chris! Your car sounds worse than mine!” .. That hurt a lot more than I’m willing to admit :roll: But it’s fair, I’m just adjusted to the way my Mothership sounds while driving…