The Mothership Maintenance Log #210

So the shocks are replaced.. The suspension bushings are mostly all replaced… I’ve just driven to Atlanta and back… And then I go visit my parents a mere 10 miles away for Christmas! And my car won’t start when I’m ready to leave and go home… Nothing to do with the suspension at all :lol:

The engine would crank, but it was as if there was no spark.. My mom held a flashlight for me and I unearthed oil pooled in the spark plug wells :(


I tried soaking it all up with paper towels. But still no joy.. I borrowed my parents car to go to work this morning, and then came back this afternoon to keep troubleshooting.

The pooled oil points to bad valve cover seals, which I’ve known about and will have to fix some other time. I was worried that the oil had shorted out the plugs, and the ignition coil was toast. So I brought a multimeter with me and tested the coil. It read 4.4 ohms between A and B, where the service manual says “0.7 ohms” and I headed off to Autozone for a replacement. I also installed a new distributor rotor and cap while I was there.

The car started! It immediately blew the spark plug wires loose from the valve cover and bogged down (Engine blowby?! Just valve cover seals?!). But once I pressed them back in they stayed and the engine started idling normally. And for now that’s the end to things, I’m going to get those seals replaced and take a while to just enjoy driving!