The Mothership Maintenance Log #212

So the throttle pedal started sticking again :???:

I searched around online and every thread I found argued that the issue was with the butterfly plate, and not the throttle cable. Apparently the throttle body plate sometimes jams closed and causes stiction when opening. While that may be common, I still decided my issue was still with the cable because 1) I can turn the throttle plate by hand and it appears to be operating smoothly (though it is difficult to tell), and 2) the rubber boot on the cable is ripped, and I expect that dirt has gotten down in the sleeve and is causing the resistance.

So I bought an new, OEM throttle cable, which arrived yesterday. Installation was the easiest thing ever. The whole thing just unhooks out of the pedal and then twists out of the firewall. I tensioned the new cable and then drove to work this morning… It was like buying a new car for $25, I’m absolutely floored by how well the engine responds now! I wish I’d done this years ago!