The Mothership Maintenance Log #215

Monday I noticed that my tripmeter wasn’t … metering. I bumped the reset button a few times and then it resumed faithfully ticking away the mileage.

At the fill-up today I wrote down the trip meter and compared it to the odometer:

Trip meter 402
Odometer 355526
Previous odometer 355115
Difference in odometer 355526 – 355115 = 411

They don’t match. 8km sounds about right for the driving I did before noticing that the meter was still at 0. So my odometer is likely still working even though the trip meter is bugging out.

I also want to see if leaving the engine idling had an obvious affect on MPG, since I do have that data and don’t really have compression test data to compare. Below are a couple of samples of KMPG before, and the first datapoint afterwards.
Before: 53.3, 49.9, 52.9, 58.4
Tank where car was left idling for ~5 hours: 45.5
After: 57.2

Looks like there wasn’t any immediately obvious damage, at least from this metric.