The Mothership Maintenance Log #219

Johnp410 said: Looking good bud. Your thorough, that’s for sure lol I’ve done my clutch, axles, and the associated cylinders, since we last spoke. I did my valve cover gasket, plugs and wires last Sunday, and painted the valve cover. Oh and lower ball joints. I’ve got a pacesetter header I need to paint, then I can finish my exhaust, but I’m scared it’s going to sound like , i got a cheap muffler (dc sports). I also need to replace my front driverside wheel bearing and hub, just ordered a trunk latch (that crapped out on me last week). I’m probably putting my truck on the road after all that, parking the Civic and looking into rebuilding the engine and/or doing a swap. But my truck needs attention, I just hope it doesn’t take forever for the DMV to reopen.

How you making out in this covid weather?
Hope all is well.

Nice work! You gotta post that stuff in your build thread!

Don’t stress about the exhaust, if it doesn’t work for you sell it and try something else :rocker:

Working from home has actually been pretty busy, but I totally love saving 2 hours a day not commuting. COVID-19 is causing one of my roommates to move back home for the summer since all the internships dried up, so I’m losing money. Other than that things are OK, and I feel fortunate things are the way they are here.

With summer looming on the horizon, I decided to buy myself something:

With any luck it’ll help keep my back from getting as sweaty in hot weather. Time will tell :roll: