The Mothership Maintenance Log #220

Johnp410 said: Fortunate to be able to work still. In the same boat, but it looks more and more like we might close for 2 weeks. Strange times were living in.
Where’d you score the seat cover? Is it meant to massage your back? I mean to post on my thread, but get side tracked lol for instance the day I done the clutch kit and axles, I started by taking a picture of all the parts on my hood, after getting her on the lift, I was ashamed to show any pictures of under her skirt. The oil leakage, shift linkages rusty, which I’m trying to find replacements for those if you know of any, I’d greatly appreciate it.
I do have a couple pics of the valve cover though. Im proud of that, could have been better had I not done it outside, I tried to keep it covered after each coat, but didn’t a 100% of the time, it looks good though. As far as the muffler I have, I’m thinking about returning it, and putting that $60 towards a $300 catback I seen by yonaka. Right now I just have a universal fart can (DC sports), I still need the midpipe, the yonaka would be $100 more than what I planned on spending, but a better investment I think.

Glad to hear you’re doing OK. I hope that 2-week shutdown doesn’t mess things up too much for you :(
I know what you mean about pictures once you get started haha. I don’t know the best place to find a replacement shift linkage :???: Do you have a pick-a-part junkyard near you? That’d be a good place to check first. I wish I had some better advice on the exhaust, but I don’t have any experience with the brands yet.

Those seat covers are sold as “massage” cushions, but I’m hoping it’ll provide a bit of air between me and the back of the seat.