The Mothership Maintenance Log #222

It’s been a minute haha.

Engine leaks oil pretty regularly now. Always some drips under it after parking. And the two driver side tires keep deflating. And the brakes are making noise and jerking again.

Makes me miss the car after it got all that fix-up love a few years back :mrgreen:

Took both rear wheels off and got down to the brake shoes.

I thought the issue would be the left hand side, but the right hand shoes were bad

Looks like that rear shoe has been jamming or tilting when the brakes are applied.

I bought replacement shoes and went to install them. In doing so I found that if I held the shoes together side-by-side they would thud dully and then clink together if I swapped them around. Turns out the manufacturing quality is so bad that the little metal tabs that contact the wheel hub only extend past the brake material on one side, which makes the shoes directional. I think that’s what was wrong on the old ones, that rear one was rocking on the brake pad, and not sliding on the metal tabs… Or something.


Then I had the drums turned at a shop. The drum from the tilted right side had almost an entire millimeter of more metal on it, so I swapped them left-right when I went to reinstall them, just in case that wasn’t caused by the weird pad.

No more brake issues for now. Hoping it stays that way for a while.

Front tire’s existing plug was leaking air… I punched the plug in and put a new one in. Fixed for now…
Rear tire had a screw in it. Plugged it too. Good to go :beer: