The Mothership Maintenance Log #224

I do like the new wheels, but I’m still thinking about those Si wheels.. I got spoiled by that blue Del Sol haha.

About a month ago the passenger window stopped working. I suspect the door-jamb wires again. Need to go back and look at the posts from the driver window and see if I bought enough pins to do both doors.

And a couple weeks ago I drove an hour down to Birmingham to pick my sister up from the airport and then we drove east to drop her off. On the way back I pulled over to manually apply 12V and adjust the passenger window.. And noticed the car started overheating. Sure enough, the top of the radiator was cracked:


Luckily I made it another 30 miles and was able to drop her off. As long as I was going about 50 mph the temperature stayed reasonable. But once I turned northward to go back home I hit lower speed limits and quickly had to pull over again.


At this point I was about 90 miles from home, and rather than keep playing chicken with blowing the engine up, I decided to just eek into the AAA towing range and call for a tow.

AAA gave me “high priority” since there’s no road shoulder, and 3 hours later a tow truck arrived. Fortunately I had a camp chair and my kindle, so I just hung out in the grass by the road.

About 7 hours since making the call for a tow, both myself and the Mothership were back home:

This car has been remarkably reliable over the past decade of ownership, and that made having a breakdown feel notable. I do wish I could have taken this summer to go through and do all of the preventative maintenance and rebuilding that I’ve been daydreaming about for the past ten years, but I’ve gotten into some commitments that are keeping me busy. Hopefully an 11th year rebuild will be just as good!