The Mothership Maintenance Log #226

Update from the last post: the AC is actually pretty useful! It’s true that the air isn’t as cold as I’d like it to be, but the system now works consistently and does a great job of dehumidifying the cabin. That’s a real benefit here in Alabama! Only a couple days after that last post I had to drive about an hour in the rain with a few passengers in the car, and thanks to the AC it wasn’t totally miserable! :thumbs up

And I did get around to fixing the passenger window wires a few days later as well.

Yup, same cause as the driver side. I guess it was just time to do this resoldering job.

Cleaned up and ready for some new pins!

I recalled having left over pins from doing the driver side previously, but it turns out the second pack was the wrong type, and wouldn’t work. That left me with just 4 leftover new pins. I set to work refurbishing 6 existing ones and re-crimping them to new wires.

After a couple hours of cleaning, bending, and soldering, the new (and old) pins were installed and ready to go. I really didn’t want to be bothered to do the color-coding tape thing that I used on the driver side, but wound up not being able to see up the sleeve to the original wire colors. So I begrudgingly broke out the colored tapes.

Everything seemed to go pretty well until the last bit of assembly. Whether due to an exhaustion of “gumption” or a real appiphany of ownership, I found myself quite frustrated with how poorly the spliced wires fit back into the sleeve. They tangled, and pulled hard against each other while plugging the pins into the connector. I finished the assembly and was pretty sure that the pins will soon break again due to the strain, and wondered for a few minutes if I shouldn’t be browsing for a more modern vehicle.

It’s late evening at this point, but the harness is assembled and ready for the fender to go back on.

Luckily that passed and I was able to go test drive and enjoy having control of the passenger window once again!