My first 3D print with threaded inserts

A while ago I purchased a kit of varied threaded inserts, with the intention of using them in 3D prints.

Yesterday the opportunity presented itself: a coworker has a piece of lab equipment that’s getting quite warm while in use, and wanted an additional heatsink.

After perusing the hackables section at Makers Local I had an old CPU fan+heatsink combo and a 12V DC supply for the fan. Rather than using thermal glue to adhere the heatsink to the back of the part, I thought it’d be cool to build an ersatz motherboard brace and use the existing spring-loaded clamps on the heatsink to hold it together.

I think the result turned out pretty well. The inserts were very easy to install with a soldering iron at ~240C. And as a little bonus I got all the measurements right the first time!

Blue thermal tape on the heatsink.