Author: Chris

  • Fixing bash completion for mfgtool-git’s AUR package

    After a recent system update I started seeing this error when opening new shells: After reporting it on the package’s AUR page, I got an email informing me that I was now a co-maintainer. Which I took as a sign of “pull requests welcome” and had another look at the issue. Luckily, it’s clear the […]

  • Running Docker Desktop 4.13 on Archlinux

    I’ve struggled for a little while to get the “alpha, non-reviewed” Docker Desktop package to run on Arch. The solution wound up being simple and obvious, but I didn’t catch it because of how Docker Desktop’s documentation is structured. When running Docker Desktop after installation, it would hang at “Starting….” and never complete. Browsing `journalctl […]

  • Help; I’m being gaslit

    Visit the dashboard. Critical issue! Click the “Site health screen” link! Oh, sorry, no emergency 🙂

  • WordPress: All this space is yours.

    WordPress: All this space is yours.

    “All this space is yours. Except the Author’s text. Attempt no UI there.“ It’s simple. Don’t block the text. Especially when two thirds of the webpage are empty whitespace. I re-read sections of text as I write, and the editor’s toolbar in WordPress is constantly in the way. This is the first entry in a […]

  • Updating a system while on vacation

    .. is just asking for trouble, isn’t it? For maybe the third or fourth time ever, Archlinux has left me with an unbootable system. Which isn’t even true, since it was booting and I just didn’t understand what was going on. A few days ago I saw a cautionary statement in the Archlinux RSS feed. […]

  • Broken boot mirror after migrating to Truenas Scale

    Broken boot mirror after migrating to Truenas Scale

    A few months ago I jumped from Truenas Core 12 to Truenas Scale 22.02. The upgrade was supported at a button press, and has largely gone well despite my misgivings over using Kubernetes for home server tasks. But I’m now encountering an unexpected rough edge: The boot environment cannot be healed after losing a disk […]

  • Removing crank bolt on a Honda Civic

    Just some notes: Lots of leverage. > 1000 ft lbs. Sounds like it broke when it gives. Impact doesn’t necessarily work. There are special 17mm sockets though. Do not use starter motor.

  • 1999 Honda Civic Doorlock Actuator Teardown

    1999 Honda Civic Doorlock Actuator Teardown
  • VBAS Lighting Upgrade – Draft Installation

    VBAS Lighting Upgrade – Draft Installation

    On Sunday my dad and I returned to the planetarium armed with a new emergency exit light to install over the main entrance. During the outage on Friday the old exit sign had displayed approximately 0.42 seconds of battery illumination before going dark. As a bonus this new sign included flood lights, which should help […]

  • VBAS Lighting Upgrade – Prep Work

    VBAS Lighting Upgrade – Prep Work

    What a wonderful start to 2022! I got to spend the new year’s weekend working with my parents to get a full-scale demo of the LEDs installed up at VBAS.