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  • Removing crank bolt on a Honda Civic

    Just some notes: Lots of leverage. > 1000 ft lbs. Sounds like it broke when it gives. Impact doesn’t necessarily work. There are special 17mm sockets though. Do not use starter motor.

  • 1999 Honda Civic Doorlock Actuator Teardown

    1999 Honda Civic Doorlock Actuator Teardown
  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #226

    Update from the last post: the AC is actually pretty useful! It’s true that the air isn’t as cold as I’d like it to be, but the system now works consistently and does a great job of dehumidifying the cabin. That’s a real benefit here in Alabama! Only a couple days after that last post […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #225

    Threw a spare radiator in the civic and it’s back up and running again. Instead of just going ahead and fixing the passenger door window, I went and tinkered with the AC again for some reason. As if a 23 year old compressor will magically start working right Started by getting my roommate’s help locating […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #224

    I do like the new wheels, but I’m still thinking about those Si wheels.. I got spoiled by that blue Del Sol haha. About a month ago the passenger window stopped working. I suspect the door-jamb wires again. Need to go back and look at the posts from the driver window and see if I […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #223

    Went ahead and bought some cheapo new tires since the front tire’s plug messed up the sidewall a bit.And while I was at it, decided to just throw on the 5-spoke wheels that were laying around. I’m happy with it so far They’re 15’s, while my old steelies were 14-inch.The tires are “Ohtsu FP7000 All- […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #222

    It’s been a minute haha. Engine leaks oil pretty regularly now. Always some drips under it after parking. And the two driver side tires keep deflating. And the brakes are making noise and jerking again. Makes me miss the car after it got all that fix-up love a few years back Took both rear wheels […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #221

    Nice work Hmmm, civic project car –ctag

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #220

    Johnp410 said: Fortunate to be able to work still. In the same boat, but it looks more and more like we might close for 2 weeks. Strange times were living in.Where’d you score the seat cover? Is it meant to massage your back? I mean to post on my thread, but get side tracked lol […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #219

    Johnp410 said: Looking good bud. Your thorough, that’s for sure lol I’ve done my clutch, axles, and the associated cylinders, since we last spoke. I did my valve cover gasket, plugs and wires last Sunday, and painted the valve cover. Oh and lower ball joints. I’ve got a pacesetter header I need to paint, then […]