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  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #9

    Yup, stock 96-98 tail lights. I’m iffy on the tint, but it’s something that will just take either work or money to fix. Again, they’re under a hundred dollars away from a complete replacement. Not cheap for me, but doable. On the hubcaps:I didn’t finish them with the red H like I wanted, so they […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #8

    ImportFan1 said: Nice progress. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks Uhngg >_< First day of classes. I sanded down the hubcaps and tried painting them black w/ red H’s… The idea was to paint the middle red, then let some school glue dry over the H and then paint the rest black, and peel the […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #7

    mymmeryloss just posted on my thread o_o Wooaaah Thanks Hopefully I’ll have time to keep involved despite college and stuff.–ctag

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #6

    I’m in Huntsville I think I’m subscribing to this thread I like this kid! Thanks Abailey21 ^_^ Okay, I’ve successfully moved back into my dorm, which is something of a feat considering the amount of crap I’ve decided to take to college with me x.x Ahhh, fast internet, how I’ve missed you x) So, confession: […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #5

    Jeffhondadc5 said: looking good so far.. Thanks Okay, more car work blitz. The trunk leaked. Drove me nuts. Finally found the seam that was leaking and used silicon caulk on all of the seams for good measure. Wouldn’t do it again if I had the option, but it’s held up well so far. Next, diy […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #4

    Okay, I’ve still got ~100 photos to get through before we’re up to current day So here goes: After cleaning the car I decided that the honda logo in the grille was a little loose, so I cut it out and replaced it with expanded metal for a cooking grill: Later I went back and […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #3

    I’m not sure where to start. Should I post things that I did to the car last week and work my way back, or post things in semi-order of which changes I remember making first? x_x I think I’m going to go in order as I remember it. So, the first thing I did when […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #2

    AlaskaB16 said: Good luck man! Sounds like you’re ready to learn. Thanks Alaska. Frankly, a lot of car care stuff that I read about online scares me, just the notion of taking something off and not being able to get it back on x.x But Hopefully I’ll get past that soon. BTW, I really enjoyed […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #1

    Hi there After a year and a half of car ownership, I’ve finally decided to start an all-in-one thread for my 98 EX coupe! This is going to be a slooooow thread, mostly because I don’t see myself doing much work on my car except for the summer when I’ll hopefully be off campus, and […]