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  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #208

    I’m about a week behind on car stuff, so let’s catch up! I started working my way through the front passenger side suspension components. New upper control arm bushings, upper control arm ball joint, lower control arm ball joint, lower control arm shock bushing, inner tie rod, outer tie rod end, tie rod boot, sway […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #207

    TigBitties said: Have you considered buying a new Honda with a warranty at this point lol I’m actually running in the other direction. Next year I’m planning on kicking off an engine rebuild and exterior repaint –ctag

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #206

    Yeah, I wound up just buying replacement lower control arms. Was about the same price as all of the bushings too I unpacked the shocks and installed the old springs on the new KYB Excel-G struts with some extra mounting hardware my friend found for me. I installed the top rubber isolators backwards and had […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #205

    My hero friend showed up last night with a welder and set to work tacking a new nut onto the bolt so that we could get it out of there. And the nut just broke right off. So we tried a few more times and the nut kept just breaking free from the bolt. Eventually […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #204

    Went back out to change the rear struts today, and immediately broke a bolt: Tomorrow a friend might be able to loan me a welder to tack a new nut onto the bolt.–ctag

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #203

    I gave up hunting around for the perfect shocks to buy, and went with some KYBs that advertised close-to-original performance from the auto shop. I ordered Strut-Plus – which come pre-assembled with springs – for the front, and Excel-G – which are just struts – for the rear. Christmas came early! The Excel-G boxes were […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #202

    I think I forgot to write about it here, but a week ago or so I jacked up the rear wheels and took the wheels + drums off to take a look at the brake components. The car had been jerking and creaking as I braked recently, and I wanted to see what’s up. Nothing […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #201

    Clearing the headlight housings today. I need to just bite the bullet and buy new ones… –ctag

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #200

    Johnp410 said: Man small things make the biggest difference. Lol The whole accelerator cable thing has got me thinking: I wish I could drive a snapshot of this car as it was new back in 1998. Then I could clearly see just how it’s changed over the past two decades. Last night a friend helped […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #199

    Yesterday I reinstalled the windshield wipers. I still haven’t painted the arms but it was raining So time’s up. The plastic trim that goes over the wiper motor got dunked in Armorall since it was starting to fade. A friend rode in my car a few years ago and said “Man, your accelerator pedal is […]