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  • Updating a system while on vacation

    .. is just asking for trouble, isn’t it? For maybe the third or fourth time ever, Archlinux has left me with an unbootable system. Which isn’t even true, since it was booting and I just didn’t understand what was going on. A few days ago I saw a cautionary statement in the Archlinux RSS feed. […]

  • Broken boot mirror after migrating to Truenas Scale

    Broken boot mirror after migrating to Truenas Scale

    A few months ago I jumped from Truenas Core 12 to Truenas Scale 22.02. The upgrade was supported at a button press, and has largely gone well despite my misgivings over using Kubernetes for home server tasks. But I’m now encountering an unexpected rough edge: The boot environment cannot be healed after losing a disk […]

  • Rocket City Trombone Christmas – 2021

    This year my dad played in the Trombone Christmas concert!

  • An open place

    An open place

    This time of year the sun sets right before 5pm, and there’s a moment while commuting home where I can look west through a field to catch the last rays fading from view. I find myself back in Harvest, driving the long way around jams of traffic leaving the city, preferring the small county roads […]

  • The half-life of contribution