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  • Fixing bash completion for mfgtool-git’s AUR package

    After a recent system update I started seeing this error when opening new shells: After reporting it on the package’s AUR page, I got an email informing me that I was now a co-maintainer. Which I took as a sign of “pull requests welcome” and had another look at the issue. Luckily, it’s clear the […]

  • Running Docker Desktop 4.13 on Archlinux

    I’ve struggled for a little while to get the “alpha, non-reviewed” Docker Desktop package to run on Arch. The solution wound up being simple and obvious, but I didn’t catch it because of how Docker Desktop’s documentation is structured. When running Docker Desktop after installation, it would hang at “Starting….” and never complete. Browsing `journalctl […]

  • Prosthetic fan blades

    Prosthetic fan blades

    I got home to find my storage server’s fans running full tilt. After deciding that this wasn’t a VM hogging the processor, I figured it was probably time to refresh the thermal paste anyway and removed the heatsinks to clean out any dust. Under the second CPU riser board there’s a small, flat fan and […]

  • Unbricking the HP Envy 17 Laptop

    Unbricking the HP Envy 17 Laptop

    My dad is a thrifty man. For a decade he’s used the PC I assembled from scavenged components in highschool. But last year he finally made the leap to a modern workstation and bought an HP Envy 17-inch laptop. After a few months the new laptop developed a fickle touchpad and dad was told by […]

  • My first 3D print with threaded inserts

    A while ago I purchased a kit of varied threaded inserts, with the intention of using them in 3D prints. Yesterday the opportunity presented itself: a coworker has a piece of lab equipment that’s getting quite warm while in use, and wanted an additional heatsink. After perusing the hackables section at Makers Local I had […]

  • Easy Bell

    Easy Bell

    Way back at the start of the semester, I had an idea.Over Christmas break, making little gadgets out of Easy Buttons became a hobby. Then, one of them suddenly had a use. My Honors Biology teacher really liked Easy Buttons and waiter bells, and had two or three on her desk to hit randomly during […]