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  • Proxy wisdom

    Proxy wisdom

    At the end of every scout meeting is a “scoutmaster’s minute” wherein the designated adult leader is responsible for closing out the gathering with a dollop of wisdom. I’ve struggled over this past year between not having much firsthand life advice to dispense and also wishing to not just regurgitate the same trite line items […]

  • The Ti Nspire

    The Ti Nspire

    Editor’s note: Hi, it’s Chris-v2021 here assembling this decade-old forum post into the blog. The purpose for archiving how bad the Nspire was is to remember that even great big companies with loads of experience making awesome products (TI 84, anyone?) can still somehow churn out junk. And the Ti Nspire calculator was junk of […]

  • Antec Kuhler H2O Clogged

    Antec Kuhler H2O Clogged

    Yesterday I started folding ([email protected]) again after a three week hiatus. No big deal, my CPU has been at its current overclock for the better part of eight months without flinching. So I left to check on my roommate in our common room. Ten minutes later I’m back, and just for kicks open up [OpenHardwareMonitor] […]