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  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #216

    For a couple years now my car’s had a belt squeal. It only happens in winter; when the engine is cold it sometimes squeals for about 20 seconds and then the noise goes away. Yesterday I finally went out and measured the belts. The AC and alternator were loose below spec, so I tightened them […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #215

    Monday I noticed that my tripmeter wasn’t … metering. I bumped the reset button a few times and then it resumed faithfully ticking away the mileage. At the fill-up today I wrote down the trip meter and compared it to the odometer: Trip meter 402 Odometer 355526 Previous odometer 355115 Difference in odometer 355526 – […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #214

    Changed the oil Saturday at odometer 355,000.3.5 Qt high-mileage Valvoline synthetic mix and new Bosch Premium 3312 filter. Sunday I noticed coolant leaking out of the upper radiator hose, so that got replaced. The car’s been doing great lately. I actually suspect heat soaking with with the idiotic 5-hour idle session may have freed up […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #213

    A couple updates from the past few weeks: Last week of January: Found that the coolant was rusty Flushed the radiator with water and ran the car (~3 times). The last flush was mostly clean water. Found that the radiator cap was broken with the relief valve missing. Replaced the radiator cap and filled the […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #212

    So the throttle pedal started sticking again I searched around online and every thread I found argued that the issue was with the butterfly plate, and not the throttle cable. Apparently the throttle body plate sometimes jams closed and causes stiction when opening. While that may be common, I still decided my issue was still […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #211

    Look what I found out in my garage this morning! I reluctantly delayed my drive into work to install the new seals. Valve cover off: The old seals (which I KNEW were trouble) had fallen entirely out of their sockets in the cover, and were resting on the cam rocker arms. Cheap garbage I didn’t […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #210

    So the shocks are replaced.. The suspension bushings are mostly all replaced… I’ve just driven to Atlanta and back… And then I go visit my parents a mere 10 miles away for Christmas! And my car won’t start when I’m ready to leave and go home… Nothing to do with the suspension at all The […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #209

    A friend had some bad grinding coming from the brakes, and I decided it would be a nice Christmas gift to drive to Atlanta and install new pads. That put some pressure on me to wrap up the driver side suspension! I got it finished before noon on Saturday (same stuff as the passenger side […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #208

    I’m about a week behind on car stuff, so let’s catch up! I started working my way through the front passenger side suspension components. New upper control arm bushings, upper control arm ball joint, lower control arm ball joint, lower control arm shock bushing, inner tie rod, outer tie rod end, tie rod boot, sway […]

  • The Mothership Maintenance Log #207

    TigBitties said: Have you considered buying a new Honda with a warranty at this point lol I’m actually running in the other direction. Next year I’m planning on kicking off an engine rebuild and exterior repaint –ctag